1. Check out my article on the parallels between Ferguson and Harry Potter and The Hunger Games! We can make a difference in this world. We can cast our Sonorus charms and have our voices be heard!


  2. Uniform

    They like their uniform.
    The black goes well against the green apron
    They’ve hemmed the pant legs so they fall just right
    the name tag fits snuggly against their chest
    and they get to choose what they put on it.
    It does not allow them to show their tattoos,
    but in return it does not express their gender.
    When you’re queer you will give anything
    to be allowed to look androgynous at work.

    They go with a gender neutral name
    when writing their name tag everyday.
    She wears makeup when she’s feeling feminine,
    His binder when he’s not,
    and switches it up when they’re not feeling either.
    When a customer points out they are entering
    the “wrong” restroom,
    they are grateful the excuse
    “I have to clean the bathroom” is readily available.
    They like their uniform.

    But they are still afraid to correct their coworker’s pronoun use.
    Lots of people understand transgender now
    but pronouns get tricky when they’re technically plural
    and they were never really sure which ones to go with anyway.
    Sometimes “he” or “she” matches up
    with who they’re feeling that day
    but most of the time, they cringe.
    They wish everyone would use the name on their name tag,
    not the one on the schedule,
    not the one on their locker,
    not the one that still somehow seems to get written on their cup
    when they order a drink during their lunch.
    They know it’s not anyone’s fault,
    but it would be nice if someone asked
    instead of assumed.
    But at least their uniform doesn’t misgender them.

    They didn’t want to cause a ruckus,
    but when the new pastry line allowed partners to wear pink,
    they felt anxious all week,
    was glad they didn’t own anything pink,
    politely turned down the rose berate when offered
    and when the promotion ended,
    felt a little bit of triumph when throwing away
    the last, pink, coffee sleeve.
    Now the promotion color is green
    and they feel a little more relaxed.
    It goes well with their uniform.

  5. My pride beads broke. Sad face.

  6. Insomnia. I thought I had vanquished you, old foe. Guess not.

  7. I’m going to solve this crime,but first let me take a selfie.

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    I am a Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust. 1/3 of my generation is gone and I will not turn my back on this tragedy. I have taken up my cross and joined the front lines of the Abortion Wars.

    I will mourn the lost of 56+ million babies, I will grieve over the death of baby Isaiah, I will fight for the inherent right to life, for women to stop being treated as sex objects and for the post-abortive mothers and fathers who suffer in silence, and lastly pray for the end of abortion.

    "I am a Survivors of the Abortion Holocaust.”
    Are you a Jew, homosexual, disabled person, Roma, Jehovah’s Witness, born into 1940 Germany? No? Then you are not a survivor of the Holocaust.  

    "1/3 of my generation is gone and I will not turn my back on this tragedy."
    Yeah, and one third of ‘your generation’ lives in poverty, is hungry, needs medical care, is being abused, and needs support yet you weep over the ‘injustice’ of abortion.

    "I have taken up my cross and joined the front lines of the Abortion Wars."
    You are not Jesus. You are not a hero. You are a person sitting behind a little screen crying over some fertilized eggs.

    "I will mourn the lost of 56+ million babies,"
    Mourn the loss of the BILLIONS of babies who will die from hunger. Or who will die TONIGHT because of lack of health services. Mourn the loss of the MILLIONS of little girls who will die by suicide, in childbirth, or by the hands of their husbands because they are child-brides. Fetuses do not need you, real, living little kids need you.

    "I will grieve over the death of baby Isaiah, I will fight for the inherent right to life,"
    Sorry to break it to ya, but there isn’t an ‘inherent right to life.’ If there was, war, poverty, lack of healthcare, and the death penalty wouldn’t be around.

    "for women to stop being treated as sex objects"
    The first step of this is to stop seeing us as objects to carry a pregnancy. If we don’t want to be pregnant, we don’t want to be fucking pregnant and there is NOTHING you can say that will stop that.

    "and for the post-abortive mothers and fathers who suffer in silence,"
    Or you can just support them, no need to ‘fight’ anyone. People who regret their abortion need, first and foremost, people like you to shut the fuck up about ‘abortion is evil!’ ‘abortion kills a baby!’ because THAT is what causes the stigma. THAT makes people suffer. Second, they need people who will LISTEN without judgement. They need people who will SUPPORT how they feel, even if they are HAPPY about their abortion.

    "and lastly pray for the end of abortion."

    Good. Keep praying. Because everyone knows praying gets shit done.

    If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. 






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  10. Long Time No Post, Starbucks, and Cosplay

    I’ve got ten minutes before I have to clock in for work, but I’ve decided to take those ten minutes and start on this post which I will likely continue to write during my break and after work, so excuse me if I cut out every now and then.

    Lots of things have happened since I last spoke with you guys! Biggest of them all I’ve already teased in the above paragraph. I work at Starbucks now! It’s a really fun job even though it can be really stressful as well. I’m in training right now and my trainer is the absolute best. She’s as big of a Harry Potter fan as I am and she is really patient and funny. She also knows my best friend from their Summer job at the pool, so that’s a plus. I’m really lucky to be under her care. 

    I really hope they don’t put me on drive-thru today. It’s probably the most stressful part of the job and I’m still not very fast on the register. I really wish I didn’t work at a Starbucks with a drive-thru. I think a drive-thru sort of defeats the purpose of a coffee shop, which is so built around community and making connections with the people around you. It’s hard to get that over a speaker. However, we try really hard to bring it there anyway, which is good. 

    The benefits are absolutely to die for! While I can’t use some of the big ones yet such as health, dental and vision, they can help me pay for my tuition down the road and I get a free pound of coffee or box of tea every week, which is brilliant. I also get free drinks on the job, which is great as long as I don’t drink a bunch of caffeine because it does things to my stomach. 


    On my break now. My poor boss hit her knee super hard on a shelf that was sticking out from the wall. I had to run around trying to find a thing to put ice in and get back to her. She hit right on her funny bone and broke the skin. Needless to say, she’s not having a very good day.

    They had me working on the drive-thru today but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Last time I had an anxiety attack, but today I was running around doing a few different jobs, none of them actually talking with the customer, so it was a lot easier. In fact, it was a lot of fun!

    So back to updating you on what has been going on lately. I’m taking a Intro to Psychology class at Metro right now and my professor is the absolute worse. She doesn’t really teach us as much as summarize what we’ve already read in the textbook and there’s a quiz every single week which she requires us to have our own scantron sheets for. This wouldn’t bother me so much if it she was a good teacher. I’ve been having to rely on Crash Course Psychology to pass my class. Hank Green, bless him, should not be a better teacher than my professor who has a Doctorate in the field. Ugh.


    Finally off work. I actually got to talk to drive-thru customers over the headset, which went well but was still very nerve-racking. I’m getting to be better friends with my coworkers. Two of them, including my trainer, are as nerdy as I am. There’s a joke here that we go through managers quicker than Hogwarts goes through Defense Against the Dark Arts professors, which made me laugh really hard. I can’t imagine why we go through them so quickly. Everyone seems really nice and it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of drama. I guess I’ll figure that out as I go.

    I’m almost done with my training which is more worrisome than exciting. I don’t know how ready I am to do all this on my own. I’m still pretty shaky on the register and I don’t know all the beverages. My trainer says to give myself three months before I really get it. The idea of being this shaky for three months scares me. I guess I’ll get the hang of it though, and everyone here is pretty patient, so I just need to calm down and keep my head up. My trainer, who knows I cosplay, told me to “cosplay as a barista!” whenever I’m nervous. This helps a lot. When I cosplay, I’m playing a different role. I’m confident, ready to jump at a moment’s notice. I’m strong. So I’m trying to keep that in my head. I’m cosplaying as a barista. I’m cosplaying as a successful college student. I’m cosplaying as someone without anxiety. 

    Next week they want me to come in at 4:30 AM. Ugh! My trainer said she could give me a ride since we live close to each other, which I think I’ll take her up on because I’ve been asking a lot of my mom lately and she shouldn’t have to wake up that early. I really need to get my license. It wouldn’t help all that much because we still don’t have a car for me to drive and mom uses hers every single day, but if I had it, I might be able to go out with my friends and stay out as long as I want or drive myself to Quidditch. It’s just difficult for me to get behind the wheel, primarily because every time I do, I think about my Dad and how he was supposed to teach me how to drive. 

    I keep on imagining that he’s actually alive and that one day I’m going to bump into him. I don’t know whether this my desperate attempt to keep him from being dead or just denial. It’s probably both. I know he’s dead. I wear his ashes around my neck every day, but I never saw the body and my mind just can’t help but wonder. Sherlock definitely does not help this fantasy I have. Sometimes I get mad at John Watson because it’s not fair he got his best friend back, but my father will remain dead. Maybe that’s why I keep imagining my Dad driving up to the window at work, or walking across the pitch at Quidditch, or why I can’t look at an old man without thinking maybe it’s him. I’m determined to have my Empty Hearse. 

    On a lighter note, I’m working on two new cosplays right now. The first, Cecil Palmer from Welcome to Night Vale, is nearly done. I just need to order his patch from online, get his vest and style his wig. The second is Sherlock Holmes from the BBC Sherlock TV series. His is practically nonexistent right now and is definitely one of my most expensive pieces to date. I need to order the coat and scarf from Amazon and then the wig from Arda which is currently out of stock. Everything else is actually the same for my Cecil cosplay, so that’s nice. I’ll be wearing both of these at Starfest and Denver Comic Con, so if you’re going to either of those and see me, feel free to say hi!

    I think that’s it for now. I should go actually study. I’ll be uploading pictures of my cosplay as I finish them, so look out for that. 

    Best Wishes!